Trying to release / export game...please help!

Hi, everyone! I am gamifying my Composition course and am trying to upload a “test” game onto my website to see if it’ll work. I am using Inform 7. I am struggling to figure out how to export it onto my website! I can see a “release” folder with my .zblorb in it, but the directions on the Inform manual were too confusing:

(To make such a page, we must:

Release along with an interpreter.)

Is this suggesting that I should type this command into my story?! How do I “release along with an interpreter”?

Thanks in advance. I’ll be around this forum a lot!!

  • Jen

Yes. Add a line to your code saying, literally, “Release along with an interpreter.”

AWESOME. Thanks!

I did this, and I see several files in my release folder. Do I just drag and drop them onto the website? I am working with a (free) Weebly page at the moment. I am not opposed to paying for something else (I also have a GoDaddy website that I have not built yet that might better afford itself to this kind of thing.) Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. I am a technological NEWBIE that is stepping outside of her comfort zone. When I try to drag the files onto the website in a “custom html” box, the website kicks back that those files are not supported. Hrmm…

Try just uploading the whole Release folder directly? I don’t know exactly how Weebly works but I don’t think there should be any objectionable file types in there. HTML, CSS, JS, GIF, JPEG, TXT, and the Blorb.

So strange that it won’t upload any of the files…I’ll keep scouring the internet! I’ll also try the GoDaddy builder…

You can also upload it at