trying to get a [one of] to work in I7

The code is as follows:

The dream shifts around you. You now find yourself [one of]deep in a forest[or]in the middle of the desert[or]on the wide savannah[or]in a freezing wasteland[by the setting of the next location].";

I’m pretty sure your problem is the “[by the setting of the next location]”. Check out the documentation section 5.7. Text with random alternatives.

I read that and got confused so I worked around it using a [if]/[end] phrase.

Are you just trying to have random text happen or are you trying to move the player to a random location?

Neither. I am trying to get it to print a specific text depending on the setting of the location.

Well, I’m not exactly sure what code you have up until then. Correct me if I’m wrong, but does your code involve randomly moving the player in any way? Because if not, your best bet is to use an “instead” rule (followed by “continue the action”).

What’s “the next location”?

You don’t want random text here, if you’re trying to do your “break apart/rebuild” the world thing.

This is not tested, but something like:

[code]the next location is a room that varies.

Instead of going:
now the next location is a random room in Underworld. [Underworld being a region full of rooms you’re wanting to pick from];
say “The dream shifts around you. You now find yourself [if the next location is forest]deep in a forest[otherwise if the next location is desert]in the middle of the desert[otherwise if the next location is savannah]on the wide savannah[otherwise if the next location is freezing wasteland]in a freezing wasteland[end if].”;
now the player is in the next location.;
rule succeeds.[/code]

That is similar to what i finally got. and yes it is part of the shifting dreamscape.