Trying to find a game about... being lost in purgatory?

Hello all, I’m trying to find a game and was wondering if anyone could help (sorry if this is the wrong forum),

It’s a text adventure, made no later than early/mid 90s, and the protagonist is either in hell, or purgatory. They travel a strange underworld, crossing an ocean and walking through fields, gaining items, solving puzzles and the like. You may ask for hints in each location. The most memorable part I recall is the first puzzle, in which you are lost, and can only pray.

Have been looking for this for some time, if anyone has any ideas please share!

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Blind initial guess: All Hope Abandon by Eric Eve?

(Probably not, that’s from 2005.)

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Wasn’t this an early TADS game? I’m sure I remember it.

It might be Perdition’s Flame by Michael Roberts, the author of TADS.

It’s a great old school puzzler. To see if it fits your memory, it features a long scene where you visit the mortal world as essentially a poltergeist or ghost, but most of it is spent walking around hell solving puzzles.

Hey Hanon, no it came out waaaay before.

From what I recall mathbrush, it had quite a grim undertone and little if any satire, objects and locations were more medieval. You were not a poltergeist but it was hinted you were dead or a ghost of sorts, as were everyone else. Could never complete it either, so I don’t remember the ending.

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Maybe “The Keys of the Kingdom”?

I found this by searching David Welbourn’s walkthrough site for “pray” (google query: pray :slight_smile:

CASA entry with a screenshot that looks like your description: :: CASA :: Keys of the Kingdom

IFDB entry: The Keys of the Kingdom - Details

David’s walkthrough: The Keys of the Kingdom - Solution