Trying to find a few games I played before...

Hopefully someone can help! It would be great to rediscover these games.

Game #1: I think it was a sci-fi setting, maybe some sort of lab. As the main character (possibly a robot?), you would wake up and start exploring some rooms, but after a certain number of moves you would be “reset” by some sort of scientist/observer NPC. The cycle would continue until you figured out how to break free (by removing some device or avoiding being drugged or something). That’s about all I can remember right now.

Game #2: I’ve got even sparser/weirder details on this one. Pushing some sort of red button. A deluge of water flooding a tube/passageway. Controlling robots remotely. Starting the game as a corpse?

Game #3: There’s some sort of device that everyone is watching you try out. Except for some reason it’s been sabotaged, and you have to go back and figure out what happened/who did it. Maybe it was a time machine? When you’re in the device I believe there’s some sort of note attached to the inside.

I REALLY wish I knew where my old IF collection was right about now!

Do you know if these were commercial games, or if you found them on the internet? About how long ago did you play?

And do you know what computer (PC? Apple II? Commodore 64? Spectrum? etc.) you played these games on?

Definitely found them on the internet, and I was playing them on a PC, using either (or both) WinFrotz and TADS!

Sounds a bit like Til Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me.

I think you’re right! And, if I remember correctly, Game #2 and #3 are actually the same game.

All that leaves is Game #1, but I have a feeling it might be Delusions… if so, the mystery is solved!