Trying to change music in Twine

Twine Version: 2.3.9
Story Format: 3.1.0

I have some code that plays music at the beginning of my game, which looks like this:

	var audio = document.createElement('audio');
	audio.src = '$URLto.mp3file';
	audio.loop = true;;
And it works perfectly. It plays the music on an infinite loop. The question I have is what code do I use to pause the song? I want to change the music at a certain point in the game, but If i use this code again it just plays the new music over the old one. How do I pause/stop the old music so I can play the new audio?

Because writing your own JavaScript based audio functionality can be difficult, especially in Harlowe, I strongly suggest you consider using Chapel’s Harlowe Audio Library add-on instead.