Trouble with sound in Windows Frotz

Hi, I’m having trouble getting sound to work in Windows Frotz. When I reach a place in the game that has sound, Frotz says this game is trying to use sound effects but no sound file (in Blorb format) was found, and provides a link to download the file. Using that, I was able to get the blorb file. But where do I need to put it so that Frotz can find it? I tried the folder that contains my .z5 game file, and I tried the folder where frotz.exe lives. No luck. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Generally speaking, the blorb file should have the same name as the z-code file. so


in the same directory.


Thanks Drew you have saved the day! I just created add blb folder and filename requirement by tedhudek · Pull Request #26 · DavidKinder/Windows-Frotz · GitHub to add this info to the Frotz dialog box that pops when there’s a sound failure.

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