Trouble with password resets?

I tried several times over a few days to activate my old account before just making a new one. Never got an email, and yes I checked the spam and junk folders.

Another person I know who tried to join not long ago said he never got the email verification at all. I’m not sure if this might be a more widespread issue or not but I just thought I should bring it up since I’m sure this is the busiest time of year for people wanting to use this forum.

Let us know via PM (@Dannii specifically) if you’d like your old account merged with the new one.

Eh, I wouldn’t worry about it, I barely used it.

What was the old account name? Oh, the account would be Mizal I assume? Its emails to a address have been bouncing since July, after a spam complaint was received in June. I can clear the complaint from the email system.

Merging is extremely easy and quick so we’re very happy to do that.

Yes, it was just Mizal. And sure, if it’s not any trouble. Thanks!