Trouble with multimedia

So I’ve been working on a Sugarcane project in Twine 1.4. The plan was to make it a more visual/audio experience. Not unlike a visual novel. I pretty much got the story/gameplay and visuals down and want to gear up for audio. I had already experimented with a publicly available JavaScript code that does that. Problem was that when uploading to Newgrounds (just roll with me), the way I understand the code works, it couldn’t locate the mp3 file. It was silent.

The code I used: Twine: HTML5 sound macros | Glorious Trainwrecks.

Eventually, I started reading through Twine related forums and saw that Surgarcube was the standard for multimedia projects. When I looked for stuff about converting Surgarcane to Sugarcube, there was a common sentiment that the only issue people came across was with the sidebar. I removed the sidebar (for aRtIstIc iNtegRity reasons) so I thought it wouldn’t be that painful.

After figuring out how to add new Storyformats into Twine. I came across a new issue.

Context, I used a lot of background images. More precisely, a lot of stylesheets and tags (I can already hear the veteran Twine users laughing).

Surgarcube doesn’t use Sugarcane’s tag system.

While I’m here, Twine/Sugarcane/Sugarcube2 doesn’t happen to have an external API quirk that I should know about, does it?

If you mean tagged stylesheets, then you’re correct it does not. SugarCube does support tags and tag-based styling, just not via tagged stylesheets.

For example, if you had a stylesheet tagged with forest that looked like the following:

.passage {
    color: lime;

Instead of tagging the stylesheet, you use the tag as part of your style rules’ selectors, like so:

[data-tags~="forest"] .passage {
    color: lime;


You’re going to have to explain that. External API quirk?

Ok, another dumb thing on my part,
I forgot that the way this stuff works, you usually need to interact with a html5 file to make it make noise.

My bad.