Trouble starting Deus Ex Ceviche?

Anyone else had trouble loading the web version of Deus Ex Ceviche?
For me, it just sits at a fishy loading screen forever; there’s not obvious network activity going on.
I’m using Firefox 78.4.0esr on Linux. (So I can’t use the download versions, which are Windows and Mac OS X.)
There are some errors on the web console, but I don’t know what to make of them.
I see it requires WebGL; that is functional for every other site I’ve used it for.
Is it known to require unusual permissions, tangle with particular ad blockers, etc?

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I’ve had to reload it several times to get it to work. Maybe it’s server load?

Works for me. Can take a long time though: up to a full minute to load at the fishy screen. Console shows the same errors here so probably irrelevant.