Trouble getting *every turn* to work in I7

I have tried to create an every turn using block structure. I got a bunch of error messages. I went back through the block. It looks just like the Ogg example used in the I7 documentation. It didn’t work.

I copied the Ogg example directly into a room. I got the same errors I was getting on my code.

So, if the Ogg example is wrong, where can I find a valid working example?


Coincidentally I posted a complete example game in another thread this morning, focused on using an ‘every turn’ routine to count the passage of days. It compiles and runs for me – does this one work for you?

Here’s the link to the post…


Are you sure that you’ve converted all the spaces to tabs where they need to be converted? When you say you copied the Ogg example directly in, that sounds like copy-paste, which will probably convert the tabs into spaces – but I7 needs tabs to understand the indentation blocks.

Sorry if that’s not what’s happening, but it’s something that happens to me all the time when I’m copying example code.

Yes, that’s what it sounds like to me too. The Inform documentation and this forum are displayed in HTML, which doesn’t use tabs for display. The little icon next to code examples in the I7 docs are there to autocopy–with tabs–the example text to your story file.

The uservoice forum has a request for features to make this easier. Vote or comment here: … s/comments


Thanks for the tips.

I went back and selected the Ogg example the way you suggested. It worked.

I couldn’t find anything wrong with the way I had entered my own story. So I typed it in again. It worked.

At least this little piece is working.

Thanks for the help.