Troube with Twine. Saving Option/Back Button

Twine Version: Version 2.3.16
Story Format: Harlow 3.2.3

I have figured something out for me back button. I used (link-undo: "Back") wich basicly is just the undo button on the left upper corner of the shown site ingame. The problem is that i have my saving option also in the Diary and when i save a game and use the back button (wich is still an undo command) it seems like it deletes the saving action, what is big problem in practice.

I would like to give the player the oprtion to save anytime in the diary. If thats not possible i may have the idea to let them save at several events in the game but i want to try to make my diary idea works in first place. ^^

It also can be that the code i have for savings is not written right, at least its not highlighted like the loading code.

(link: "Save")[(save-game: "file A")]


(link: "load")[(load-game: "file A")]

Maybe there is something missing like a place where the games can be stored or something.

And if someone might have an idea for making up a other option for "Leave Diary" or just simple "Back" button but without its beeing secretly an Undobutton with denies everything the player did  before using it on that page.

Greetings, Kn1ght.