Tristam Island *was* free to download for 12 hours due to the 2-year anniversary

From Hugo himself:

Hugo Labrande: ""Tristam Island", my retro text adventure for mor…" - Mastodon Canada

“Tristam Island”, my retro text adventure for more than 36 platforms, was released exactly 2 years ago today! It was definitely one of my most successful projects, lots of people played it - and loved it!
To celebrate, you can grab it FOR FREE, TODAY ONLY! Head over to the itch page in the next 12 hours to claim it: "Tristam" anniversary = free for 12 hours! by Hugo Labrande -
There is also a tip jar - but most importantly, let me know if you like it! Enjoy :slight_smile:

(Image shows cover for the game “Tristam Island”, showing a deserted island with lush vegetation atop the cliffs.)

Edit: If it helps, that 12 hour period ends at 10pm EST, 11/20/2022.


I will play and provide feedback here when possible.


Thanks for the heads up! EctoComp reviewing takes immediate priority, but I downloaded the and feelies to play and look at later, which I think is all we need. Though I’m intrigued by the Apple emulator version as well. It’s been so long since I pulled up AppleWin.

I’m curious why the Windows version is 71MB. It must have some serious bells and whistles!


It’s an excellent parser game of bigger-than-IFComp size. If you’ve been curious, or even if you haven’t, I strongly endorse it.



Just a friendly reminder that Tristam Island is only available for 2 more hours! (10pm EST)

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Last call!

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I missed the notification, but it doesn’t matter, because I previously bought it.

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Just thought it was a great game and wanted to help give it a nudge if I could.


Thanks for this.

The Comp frenzie has died down so I’ll be able to play games I want to spend days/weeks on again.