Tristam Island on sale at itch (other stuff too - or your game/suggestion here) North Hemisphere Summer Sale 2023

2020 parser adventure Tristam Island by Hugo Labrande was already crazy cheap (<$5) for the quality, but it’s currently half price for a couple of weeks. This is a solidly Infocom-styled adventure with modern niceties – but not so many niceties that it doesn’t feel like Infocom!

It also has connections to a particular Infocom adventure. There are four detailed reviews of the game on IFDB as I type this and at least one of them mentions which adventure (it’s not a real spoiler, but still, I won’t say anything here out of conservatism.)

Sale page: Summer Sale by Hugo Labrande -

Lots of other stuff will be on sale at at the moment, too.

I’m not on sale – Leadlight Gamma is its usual $6.66. I’m considering going from that satanic price to a godly $7.77 next time I’m thinking about this (a la the Pixies: “If the devil is 6 then God is 7”. Plus inflation.) Plus at that point I’d do another interpreter tech updates pass.

If you’ve got anything on sale on itch, or other recommendations, feel free to add to this thread. I will qualify they should be usually non-free games that are on sale now.