"Tristam Island" - now free and open source!

Three years ago, I released “Tristam Island”, a parser text adventure made for the Z-Machine v3 so you could play it on many, many platforms - including 36 retro platforms, with disk images provided.

Today, I am making it free and open source! The itch.io page will stay up and you can give a tip there if you want, but the game will no longer be updated.

I have created a Github repository which contains:

  • full (PunyInform, Inform 6) source code
  • a few helper scripts, including the script that allowed me to compile it on so many platforms (but the interpreters aren’t in the repository, to avoid any rights/licences issues)
  • all the feelies, including the ones that were exclusive to preorders
  • brainstorming documents, design documents
  • a postmortem, with notes on how the game was made and how it did as a commercial game, and what’s next.

I’d love to see people peruse through the source code, analyze/discuss/steal parts of it, or someone fork it to fix bugs or upgrade the PunyInform libraries, etc. Have fun with it please!!

It’s been a great journey and I’m very proud of this project. The community (both here and in the retrogaming circles) was very supportive and the game’s reception was overall enthusiastic, which I was extremely happy about. This is a good game and I hope people keep stumbling upon it and play around with it :slight_smile: