Do I need to put the ingredients into the cauldron in any particular order? I added the garlic before the fresh whole lizard and I want to know if I should restore before going further.

No. That’ll work.

That’s a relief.

In other news, after asphyxiating in the vacuum of space with no warning or any way to undo I wrote a shell script to turn a transcript into a list of commands to Alt-P into Frotz. Has anyone else made something similar?

Sounds like you found a solution already, but you could also use an interpreter like bocfel that allows UNDOing in games that don’t support UNDO.

Are there other terps that do that? The only one I had known of was Rezrov, which is really meant for Z3 games only.

I don’t think there are many. I think nitfol did it, too, but I have trouble getting that working these days.

Frotz has allowed (IIRC) alt-U to undo, even in games that don’t support UNDO, for decades.

Oh. I didn’t know that.