Trigger multiple "After doing anything other than" directions at once

In my story, I have “After doing anything other than X” and, further down, “After doing anything other than Y”, each being a rule that alters a relevant “Yjustoccurred” or “Xjustoccurred” variable. But it seems they can’t work at the same time, the way I wish?

I want it so that when the player does Z (or whatever) then both things occur, and if the player does X then the not-Y one happens, and vice-versa for doing Y. Do I have to make it more complicated for both to trigger every time? Does it get even more complicated if I more than two such things?

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After rules by default end the action, so that’s your trouble. You can just add “continue the action” to the end of any rules where you don’t want that behavior though!

That did it, thanks! I had assumed “after” would just stick itself after things.

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Yeah, “after” rules stop the action by default, which is a frequent source of bugs. “After” rules are really meant for doing two different things:

  • Aftereffects of an action, which shouldn’t cut off other rules
  • Replacing the description of an action, which should prevent all other rules from running

And you have to order them carefully and add “continue the action” as needed to ensure these purposes don’t run into each other.