Trapped - V1.0


I’ve finished a short game called trapped. Can you escape the home of a deranged serial killer before he takes your life? Don’t forget to sign up for the forums if you’re at all interested. Let me know what you think. This is my first release. Great for fans of survival horror. … ost8208494

Given your questions about I7, I supposed your game was made in Inform… Why do I have to download an installer? :open_mouth:
I’d give it a try, but I’m not going to install anything :slight_smile:

I’m all about survival horror. It’s my favorite. Like strawberry cheesecake.

I’m also not a fan of downloading an installer, though. Or anything not hosted on IFDB, as it makes it more difficult to leave feedback.

Questions resolved. Thanks. :slight_smile:

(I did manage to get a little further, too.) … ost8208494

I’ve added a link so that users can download the zblorb file alone. The installer installs a folder with documentation, and a folder with gargoyles installer because I will be promoting my game outside the If community, to my friends on Facebook. Many of them don’t know what If is, let alone and interpreter. The installation of the interpreter in the interpreter folder is not mandatory, and is there for peoples ease of use that have not played IF before.

The dll file is a library used by setup factory, the program I used to create the installer. I don’t know why un-installer didn’t work, I’m going to re-create the installer using visual studio, and get it working properly. Thanks for the feedback.

I Would be interested in knowing how to release with interpreter, so that the game can be played as a stand alone.

Okay, everything has been fixed. There is an installer for those of you who are new to If, and zblorb file for those of you with an interpreter. The install file has been created with Visual Studio, and uninstall errors have been removed. … ost8208494

Thanks. One of Z-machine’s strengths is that you can play the games on just about any platform, so it’s polite to provide the plain story file for us who don’t have a Windows machine.