Translation of Dialog’s stdlib.dg into French


I’ve just begun to translate stdlib into French.

It’s a very alpha version, just to start with something. I haven’t even read the Dialog manual in details.

Here is a very quick translation of cloak of darkness, as a proof of concept:

I’m wondering, why the accented letters are working in the z8 version ( but not in the C64 version? (

only the Swedish letters are working it seems!

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Great work!

Ah, yes. The font is incomplete. I’ll add the French accented characters in the next Å-machine release.

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Thank you in advance!

I like the syntax of the source code for Dialog, it reminds me a bit of Jacl (which is unfortunately no longer maintained)

French accented characters added in version 0.4.4.

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thanks a lot Linus, it looks neat this way! Now I must try it on my real C64…