Translating Interactive Fiction

Hello everyone!

I want to translate an IF game into Polish, but I have no idea where to start. I’ve looked around a little and it seems I will probably need the source file and then I will have to rework the scripting system, but other than that I’m stumped.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Is the original game in a language like Inform 6, which has basic support for IF in other languages? If so, you can probably build an Inform 6 Polish library, and then use that to build a translated game.

If not, you probably still should start by creating an Inform 6 Polish library, and then just implement the game using that.

Parser will be the hardest. It’s easy to translate into a language with similar rules (English→French, German), but Polish… można se piwa nawarzyć. You’ll need to rework EVERYTHING, and rewrite some grammar rules just for that. The diacritic characters (ęąśłźń) will also cause problems since most systems tend to prefer ASCII.

But alas, the idea itself is indeed pretty nice.

There is a Polish library by Zajaczkowski that does work.

I suppose there is a Polish Inform 6 library then (since the game is apparently Ruins).

(I know no Polish, but I managed to X GRZYB. Is that the mushroom?)

This translation of the I6 library seems not to be posted at the if-archive, so I guess you’d have to ask Bartosz Zajączkowski for it. And then, yes, you’ll need to copy the source code of the game you want to translate, modify it as needed to work with the Polish library, and translate the output from English or whatever to Polish. And compile it along with the Polish libraries.

Oh no, everything is here.

And yes, that is the mushroom.

You’ve confirmed my suspicions: Translating the text is perhaps the easiest part. It’s going to be lovely.

I was going to be asking a similar question in the near future…but about Russian not Polish.

I have seen a few games in Russian… three I think, all translated by the same guy.

Here is a site with what I think are the needed files. Maybe you can see what he changed, and get an idea of what you have to change.

Or maybe there is a similar site in Polish.

Edit: Oops… I typed too slow. :wink: Guess you found what you needed.

I’ll have a look at this anyway. Every little bit helps!