Translating Inform into Esperanto?

Hello. Are there any plans to translate Inform (6 or 7) into Esperanto? If not, I think this would be a good idea. After all, I think there was a Lojban translation of Inform 6.

Translating Inform into Esperanto would require someone fluent/capable in English, Esperanto, and Inform. Currently I’m not sure such an overlap exists in our community. Also, there’s the matter of need. Since Esperanto isn’t a commonly used language, the demand for such a translation is seemingly low.

That said, if you know Esperanto, go for it!

Well, I know at least one I6 game in Esperanto, so maybe someone still has the library for that language.

On that page is a link to a zipfile containing the source code and the Esperanto language files.

Four years ago Troy Jones (trojo on the forum) started work on an Esperanto extension. I don’t believe it was ever completed but the version I saw was well implemented. You could pm him about it.

This isn’t quite the case. I have longstanding plans to translate one of my games into Esperanto.

How would one go about translating the Inform 6 language files into Inform 7? I’m not very good at using I6, but I know the basics.

You’ll have to directly copy parts of the I6 code in a I7 extension. For the responses and the grammar, you’ll have to use the responses systeme and “Understand blah as blah”. You can take a look at “French Language.i7x” here to have an idea on how it works (comments inside the source are in English). You could even just copy the extension and change all that need to be changed, and remove what you don’t need.

Bear in mind that if you want an author to be able to write a story with multiple tenses or points of view, you’ll have to write some “Preform” code for the verbs and adjectives, which is not well documented.