Transcript bug?

Not sure where to ask this, but I’m running into something weird. Sometimes when I use a transcript (using the >SCRIPT command) it doesn’t record my input. As an example:

I would write:

[code]>*Suggestion about this part.

Room Two.
You find yourself in room two, which is different from room 1.[/code]

but what shows up in the script is:


Room Two. You find yourself in room two, which is different from room 1.[/code]

This happens with some games, not others. It’s happening to me with a .ulx, but also happened to me with Following a Star .blb from the IF comp (made me think they were all bugged).

I have a mac, running Zoom. Any help would be appreciated!

I think in Zoom, transcripting is automatic?

In one of the menus, choose ‘save a transcript’, and it will produce a file containing everything that’s happened since you started the game. This extends to save games - if you come back on a different day, reload a saved game and then export a transcript, it includes everything that happened from the beginning of the game, not just from the beginning of the saved game file.

That’s been my experience recently and I haven’t touched any of Zoom’s preferences. Also I never used the ‘script’ command before in my life.

What happens if you use the menus to turn on scripting instead of using the ‘script’ command?

I’ve never had a problem with Zoom’s transcripting but like severedhand, I never type the actual ‘script’ command. I just turn it on via the menu system. Don’t know why really I have avoided that command – I have known about it since the start. Probably because I am about to mouse anyway to navigate the resulting file location dialog, so why not just start with the mouse?


Doing that seems to work just fine. I have no idea why the script command doesn’t work. Whatever, got it worked around now, thanks!