Transcript annotation

Apart from an annoying bloodsucking parasite that I just can’t reach, what is a “backtick” and where do I find it on an AZERTY keyboard? (I know there are going to be variations, but just give me a place to check.)

‘Backtick’ is essentially an Accent Grave that’s not attached to any letter. See also: Wikipedia

When writing code, “backtick” usually refers to ASCII 96, the ` character. Not a Unicode accent mark.

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Adventuron requires you to type a backtick before any comments in the transcript to prevent the game from treating them as commands.

Thanks for taking the time to explain what it is.

I found it on my keyboard now, somewhere on an obscure 3-symbol key to the far right.

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For anyone else reading this, it’s normally the first key to the left of ‘1’ on a QWERTY keyboard. It’s the same character used to start and stop inline code on this forum and on Discord servers.