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OHMYGOD I now remember going there on a family vacation! It was pretty sad at the time. You had to ride an incline-railway platform partway down a steep hillside to get to it which was neat, and the park was a bunch of buildings with plywood facades designed as locations from the comic strip among some rustic natural scenery and a handful of rickety carnival rides. I think originally it was better in the 60’s with a cave-tour, horseback riding, paddle-boats, and a fudge shoppe. Like a very downgrade Silver Dollar City.


We had skipped Dogpatch USA on our family vacation to the area in favor of another theme park nearby, but I had forgotten the name of it. It was Silver Dollar City! Thank you for that! :slight_smile:


Your family vacation chose wisely! SDC is great. As I recall, we ditched Dogpatch by noon in favor of the motel pool because it had a slide.

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Missouri is one of the 18 US States I have yet to visit, but when I go I’ll make a point of visiting Silver Dollar City. I’ve made a couple of road trips across your beautiful country, and I highly recommend 1880 Town and Wall Drug, both in South Dakota.


Branson, Missouri (where SDC is located) crystallizes a particular strand of American culture. It’s definitely worth a visit.


I’ve been to Wall Drug which was really cool.

Branson is probably one of the nicer places in MO to visit - Not just for Silver Dollar City, but an entire “down home” mecca of odd touristy things and live entertainment.

If you like the style of all that, another destination is Chattanooga, TN which is home to Lookout Mountain. My two favorite places there are Ruby Falls (a cave tour that leads to a sheer-drop subterranean waterfall) and Rock City which is hard to describe - a landscape of natural scenery and man-made gardens on the side of a mountain with beautiful vistas and small caves and gnome statues?

Rock City actually might even give you Adventure vibes with named features that are like straight up IF location names: “Needle’s Eye” “Swing-Along-Bridge” “Balanced Rock” “Rainbow Corridor”…