toUpperFirst showing up as [function]

Twine Version: 2.8.1
Story Format Version: Sugarcube 2.36.1
Hi! I’m trying to get my variable’s first letter to show up as a capital letter. This is what I’ve done:


yet it returned as [function].
I’m pretty sure what i did was correct. I checked everything but nothing seemed to be wrong with my code. What am I doing wrong? :sob:

Depending on what you need, there’s two possibilities.

If you want to show the variable with a capital first letter, you can use the <<print>> macro.

<<print $rulerthey.toUpperFirst()>>

It won’t change the variable per se, but it will ensure the first letter is a capital.

However if you want to change the variable itself, you can use the <<set>> macro.

<<set $rulerthey to $rulerthey.toUpperFirst()>>

I’m not sure there’s any way to get any function (somthing with parenthesis) to work directly in the text, you have to use it inside a macro or a call to javascript.

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Yeah, there’s a pretty limited set of things that you can write directly in your text without using a <<print>>: they’re described in the documentation under Naked Variable Syntax.

So what’s happening (I assume?) is that it’s printing $rulerthey.toUpperFirst (which is a function) and then showing the parentheses after it. Are you seeing [function]()?


Hiev made a cool page to display how different variables are displayed on the page depending on the kind of variable they are, whether a function is used or a macro:

(also included in own macro )

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I’ve tried
$rulerthey.toUpperFirst() and $rulerthey.toUpperFirst( ) yet both either returned as [function] or [function] ( ).

Woah!! Thanks a lot, this actually worked!!! I feel a bit silly now haha