Top Twine and Bitsy game for students (12-13 years old)

Hi - I’m looking to introduce some students 12-13 years old to Twine and Bitsy.

Could people recommend suitable titles that would get them into the genre?

Simple to play without any adult themes (some threat etc is fine, but nothing upsetting)…

Thanks so much for your recommendations - any other tips on making these story engines accessible to students also welcome.


Looking at the list of Twine games on IFDB, the vast majority of them contain some kind of very upsetting themes or lots of strong profanity.

Some games that come to mind are:
Cactus Blue Motel (about some friends on a road trip who encounter a magical hotel)
Seedship is a sci-fi resource management game about trying to establish a space colony
The Missing Ring is a great family-based mystery.
Secret Agent Cinder is a take on Cinderella during the French revolution where you’re a spy. Might have too much danger, but it’s a comic strip and losing puts you in jail, not dead.
Limerick Heist and Limerick Quest are light-hearted games written entirely in limericks
Congee is a short, beautifully illustrated short story about a sick young immigrant woman in need of some comfort. Has cool text message animations, pretty short.

I haven’t looked at bitsy games in a while, so someone else might step in for that better than I could.


Exactly - there are quite a lot of stories/games which are often really worthwhile but totally unsuitable for this audience/context so thanks so much for these!

Will have a look in the coming days… if anyone knows a ‘port’ type project of one of the original Fighting Fantasy / Lone Wolf etc, that could be good too…


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