Tonight Dies the Moon: moon farming help

Is it possible to make enough to get a ticket to Earth? My farming has been, well, brutal.

Brilliant game, btw.

Open Javascript console and

state.history[0] = 99999

if you like. (Or don’t…)

If you want a solution within the game, the trick is not to plant for yourself whatever the council has ordered you to plant for them. They always order the thing with the highest price, and then theirs sells first and totally crashes the market. Pick the thing with the second-highest price for yourself. (The moral of the story is that centrally-planned supply is just as market-hostile as Soviet-style centrally-planned demand.)

Buy a couple of crop upgrades as soon as you have the spare cash; these are important. You can buy additional acres too but they’re expensive and take about 15 seasons to pay for themselves; it’s not worth it.

As long as you avoid clashing with the agricultural council, you should profit around $300 each season, so it’s just a matter of time. It will still take you more than long enough to get all the extra scenes. It took me long enough to figure this strategy out and implement it that my pod ran out of Everything in season 20, causing all the prices to spike through the roof.

What I’m curious about is what is up with the Earth story? Is there any way to actually accomplish anything? It seemed completely linear to me.

Thanks for your help! I finally got it on my third try. On one of my previous runs there were really never any noticeable shortages so the prices kept plummeting and plummeting…so no matter how good my acres were it was a crap price. The randomization was definitely interesting.