"Tomlin's Little Life" - CONTENT HAS DOUBLED. New Pixel Art and 8 Unique Endings :)

Welcome to the most epic slice of life adventure of all time!!

Spanning 100 YEARS of Tomlin’s life, the player can either pursue the romance with the man of his dreams, Mort (who makes great top ramen!!) or chase after his dream of driving trains.

Now with EIGHT UNIQUE ENDINGS, and eight completely unique paths through life. We’re planning on adding more in the future!!

To play the demo, go here: Tomlin's Little Life by Shminkle


Nice artwork. Also Porkshire? I have to go there.

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The first ending I got was “A Real Connection”, I loved it, that was so sweet! I liked all the endings, and I love that everyone takes care of his immortal cat, a very nice touch.

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There are lots of pigs there

Thank you for playing! The immortal cat was the real reason I made this

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