Tombs of Reschette hints?

I’ve gotten a bunch of different endings, one or two of which even seem sort of like winning, but I still feel like I’m missing some things, and there’s no walkthrough provided.

[spoiler]There are three locked doors, but I found no keys. Are there any?

Does the Clostridium Amluet do anything?

I raised all three of my skills, multiple times, but do they do anything?

Is there a way to encounter a Lich or a Wllyllyll? I think I encountered every other creature mentioned in the Druid’s book.

There’s a fifth option when encountering the Wampyru that is still all question marks (besides Fight, Brandish gold cross, Cast Toin Undeads, and Run). How do you unlock it?

Why are the Paladin and the Druid both named Felorius? Are they the same person?[/spoiler]

Thanks to some hints from jbdyer, I managed to get to the unambiguously winning ending, yay! Here are the answers to some of my questions:

[spoiler]Use the Holy Pouch on the Haint to get the silver key. (I think in my first playthrough I killed the Haint before getting the Holy Pouch, which meant I could never get this key, which I think means this game qualifies as Cruel. But I’d have to investigate some more to confirm…)

The Clostridium Amulet will protect you from bats in the tabernacle chest, where there is a rusted key.

The room you get to with the rusted key has a story that mentions Limerence, but it’s not clear whether it mattered that I had raised that skill before then. I don’t remember any references to the other two skills (nor to the other status you get after using the rusted key. shrug).

The fifth option for the Wampyru involves something you find after using the silver key. You get the final key from defeating the Wampyru in a particular way, which I won’t spoil here unless someone asks for that hint![/spoiler]

Doing some slight gravedigging:

The Wllyllyll (spelling may vary) shows up in Richard Goodness’ previous game, TWEEZER, which is set in a similar fantasy parody world (possibly in the same world). I don’t think it shows up in Tombs of Reschette, at least I’ve never seen it.

I saw it once.

In the book on the podium, I once saw an entry for it (in the section with the Wump-whatever). Clicking it was an instadeath. It never appeared again for me, so I don’t know what I did that triggered it to appear.