Today is the Same as Any Other: sci-fi/dark-humor puzzle game set in a dystopia - FREE to play!

I’m happy to announce the release of Today is the Same as Any Other! If you think you’d enjoy a challenging and amusing romp through an underground dystopia - I mean utopia! - this might be a game for you.

"Welcome to the Bunker, an orderly, underground utopia where everyone’s needs have been satisfied.

You, Cory Resden, are a population tweaker in I-12 sector. You don’t aspire to much, and your life is fairly unremarkable. But one daystretch you receive a call from a stranger requesting a clandestine meeting in the cleaning station outside your office, and your steady, uneventful existence is turned topsy-turvy.

You never wanted any part of excitement or trouble. You certainly never imagined yourself smuggling contraband, unmasking terrorists, and just possibly taking revenge on your petty and cowardly coworkers. Not that the going is easy. It’s is all you can do to avoid being accused, abused, targeted, stunned, drugged, demotivated, cremated, and eviscerated.

But it’s all in a daystretch’s work, citizen. After all, today is the same as any other."

Many thanks to the beta testers who helped make this game a reality! (They are listed under Credits after typing ABOUT.)