'To say'

While editing a game, I discovered that I had two ‘To say…’ statements with identical tokens, but different texts, in my source code. How did this get by the compiler? Shouldn’t the compiler throw a problem message for that?

To be specific, they were like–

To say rockost: say "He owns that building across the street." …… To say rockost: say "He's a real foo."

Only the second one was returned when the conversation table was accessed–two different tables, but both returned the same text (I had unwittingly used the token in both tables).

Though if I continue to use the suffix ‘st’ (for ‘statement’) on object names for conversation tables, I can see that it would be easy to make this mistake. Just wondering why the compiler didn’t respond to it?

Maybe I should just start using Eric Eve’s Conversation Systems…??

This is to let you extend or alter extensions. Perhaps the compiler could warn you though if you have two definitions for a phrase in one file.