TMEdwards Sugarcube 2.0 Syntax Highlighting; How do I Install it?

If you are requesting technical assistance with Twine, please specify:
Twine Version: 2.3.14
Story Format: Sugarcube 2.34.1

I was snooping around to see if someone somehow modded Sugarcube to add syntax highlighting, because the current visuals are starting to become an eyesore. Lo and behold, I found a github link to a Sugarcube highlighting mod made by TMEdwards, the creator of Sugarcube itself.
The file, when downloaded, has no instructions. I have no idea on how to actually use it (it doesn’t seem to be as simple as a drag-and-drop), so I’d appreciate any help if possible!

As an off-topic side note, I’ve attempted downloading the latest version of Sugarcube (2.35), but it has no icon in the formats area, and my custom formats like to disappear randomly after a couple days. I’d love some help with this too, if at all possible :]

Its author is martoko not me. I made a very small contribution.

It’s not a mod for SugarCube or Twine 2, but rather a package for the Atom code editor. If you’re not using Atom, then it’s not going to do anything for you. If you are using Atom, then just get the package via its built in package manager.

Tangentially, for anyone looking for a non-Twine 2 editor I’d suggest using VSCode + its T3LT package.

Assuming it was done correctly, you won’t see a separate icon. Twine 2 will replace its version of SugarCube v2 with the updated version.

You didn’t mention what you tried, so I’m not sure what to tell you. Did you look at the instructions within the documentation:

It’s a known Twine 2 thing. /shrug

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Ahhh, my bad. I did see that Martoko was the original authour, but figured that maybe you had a larger contribution. (I also wanted to avoid any sort of “don’t trust strange programs from randos lol” response to this post, so I figured just saying you made it would eliminate that).

I see, my bad! I saw the page with that Atom download, but also ended up finding the Github page, so didn’t think much of it.

I’ll give it a look!

No no, it does overwrite the outdated version. I mean the icon.svg file or whatever might be bugged, becuase when I click on the new version, the little sugar cube icon-picture-thing just displays a broken image.
I did follow the proper instructions for the local install.

I just came across this and installed it in Atom. The package shows up in the plugins page but not in my grammar list…do you know what is it listed under?