Tips for hosting an interactive fiction Meetup?

I’m considering organising a interactive fiction Meetup (for the curious: in Montreal, Quebec ; also very likely in French), and I know some here host or have hosted interactive fiction Meetups or similar.

I mostly want to make people discover the medium, play games together, and discuss the current events in the community, but I’m not too sure how to make that interesting for random people that come out of curiosity.

I’d like something in person, so I’d need a room with a projector and have no idea how to find one for free or very cheap (except booking a room at a library and bringing a portable projector).

Right now, that’s most of my concerns, but I’m sure I’m missing things! So do you have any tips, or things to know before starting this kind of endeavour?


Libraries are great! Libraries, in my experience, are happy to talk to you. Also universities, but there you have to know someone on the inside.

The first few Boston IF meetups were in coffeeshops, if I recall. No projector, but better snacks.


I totally agree! But if, say, I decide to have a meeting every Monday, it can happen that no rooms are available one Monday and you have to change the date. Also, in my library, you need to be at least 3, so if it happens no-one comes, then the library is not happy.

Although maybe you were thinking about talking directly to the library to know if they were willing to host the event.


I’m afraid I don’t have any advice to give at the moment (though I’ll let you know if I think of something), but you could very likely count on my presence for an IF meetup in Montreal!!
I’d be happy to assist you with the planning/organization if I’m able to, or at least help get the word out :slightly_smiling_face: