Tip: calling the showme command as a phrase

I’ve just figured out a useful tool, and I couldn’t find anywhere on the net describing how to do it, so I thought I’d share it here, in case it helps anyone else.

Inform 7 has a ‘showme’ command which shows all the properties of an object, as well as a ‘showme’ phrase, which only shows the main value of what you pass to it. I haven’t been able to figure out how to call the command through a ‘try’ phrase, but this works just as well:

To show me (O - an object): (- noun = {O}; ShowMeSub(); -).

This does have a side effect though, the noun variable gets overwritten. With some push/pulling that should be easy to solve if that’s an issue.

Has anyone figured out how to call it using ‘try’?

There are no I7 verbs associated with the I6 debug verbs. And you can’t use the usual “…action translates into I6 as…” feature, for obscure reasons of I6 code ordering.

You could set it up this way:

Section Foo - not for release

Debug-showing is an action out of world applying to one object.
Carry out debug-showing: invoke debug-showing.
To invoke debug-showing: (- ShowMeSub(); -);

But your idea (with a push-pull to save the noun global) is going to be simpler, overall.