Tiny monkeys, the return. Usually vs. not usually

Once upon time I was, and still am, working on something with the code below. Is it possible to make the opposite as in “a room is not usually monkey accessible”? I’m assuming so but the syntax is evading me or I have another error that’s causing a problem but can’t find the connection.

A room can be monkey-accessible. A room is usually monkey-accessible.
The Grand Ballroom is not monkey-accessible.
The Wreck is not monkey-accessible.
The Cave is not monkey-accessible. [or whatever...]

A room is usually not monkey-accessible


And in the game!

Damn it, not usually vs. usually not.

So simple.

Thank you.

If I recall correctly, it’s also possible to write

A room is seldom monkey-accessible.

It’s a bit shorter, so I prefer this way.

As why it’s usually not and not not usually: it’s because if you don’t specify an opposite (A room can be monkey-accessible or monkey-inaccessible), then the opposite becomes not + the adjective. So you have to read not monkey-accessible as a single adjective meaning the opposite of monkey-accessible.


That’s a good description, and thank you for the terser version.

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