Tin Man Games CHOICES THAT MATTER app new story

A while ago Tin Man Games decided to try a mostly-text serial story app, which was originally named “Choices: And The Sun Went Out” after the first story. It’s now called “Choices That Matter”. If you have an apple watch, you can have certain characters in each story speak to you through your apple watch. There’s optional music and sound effects, and some very simple animations. The main character’s name and gender are never mentioned, and there is a male and a female love interest in each story (with the ability to opt out of romance too).

*“Choices: And The Sun Went Out” ran for fifteen months with weekly updates and a free beginning. It’s finished now (over 600,000 words), so readers like me who can’t stand waiting can read the whole thing (on Android people can watch ads instead of paying, but a big story and paid writers means watching a lot of ads).

It’s near-future scifi and one of the main characters is “Moti” who is basically an AI that looks quite a bit like an apple watch—and learns a great deal from the PC. The other stories also have vital characters that travel with the PC for one reason or another. (Anything more than that = spoilers.)

The sun went out for three hours and then reappeared. The story begins three months later.

KG Tan is project leader as well as one of the writers on “And The Sun Went Out”. Alyce Potter and I were the other co-writers.

*Choices: And Their Souls Were Eaten" ran for ten months with weekly updates and a free beginning. The very last update will be released this week. Update: The story is now complete.

I wrote it solo, with Phill Berrie and KG Tan editing (many of the good bits are their ideas). It’s a bit over 370,000 words (so, tiny compared to Adventure #1, XD).

It’s steampunk fantasy set in Europe in 1836 (that is, before all my other steampunk fantasy stories including “Stuff and Nonsense”, so no spoilers but same universe).

*“Choices: And Their Heroes Were Lost” is a brand new story, and the beginning is out now!

Phill Berrie is writing, with myself and KG Tan editing.

It takes place in a world like ours, but… well, different. There are superheroes.

All three stories are on itunes and Android, and will eventually show up on Steam (after the stories are complete).

I’m really proud of all three stories (I was a reference for Phill so I choose to claim all his good work as my own) and I’m extremely smug to have managed to be so connected with every story. Tin Man Games is a really excellent, diverse, welcoming company and I recommend you check out their whole list (especially “Warlock of Firetop Mountain” and “Miss Fisher”).

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