I keep trying to set the time and increase it by 15 minutes, doing it the way it’s illustrated in “Documents” and in Reed’s book, but it’s a fail so far.

I wrote:

Now he time of day is 12:00 AM; increase the time of day by 15 minutes.

And Inform responds:

Problem. The text ‘Now he time of day is 12:00 AM’ is followed by a semicolon ‘;’, which only makes sense to me inside a rule or phrase (where there’s a heading, then a colon, then a list of instructions divided by semicolons). Perhaps you want a full stop ‘.’ instead?

You wrote “HE time of day”, not “THE time of day”. Look closely. :wink:

Please include the complete section of the code. If it is the complete section, then you’re missing the rest.

“Now the time of day is X” (note “the”, not “he”) doesn’t do anything by itself, it must be a part of a rule or phrase - as the error message suggests. In a construction like, for instance:


The Lair is a room.

The clock is a thing in the Lair.

Every turn:
say time of day.

When play begins:
now the time of day is 12:00 AM.

Instead of examining the clock:
increase the time of day by 15 minutes;
say “Oh dear me, is that the time already?”.

The above example works. You see what I did? I merely took your instruction - “now time of day is X, increase time of day by Y” and put it in context: “THIS instruction happens at THIS time”. In my example it was starting the game or examining the clock; it could have been anything, as long as it was in a rule. An instruction like that flying around loose in the source code is something Inform can’t cope with, because it has no idea when your instruction should be triggered.

OK, that was the problem. I’ll use when play begins. Thanks.