Tidepool, a codable MMO with a natural language parser

Hi everyone,

I’ve been developing Tidepool, a story-based codable game world, for a few years now. We just launched a Kickstarter to raise enough money to finish the project this summer.

To start things off, I’m making a faithful recreation of the original Colossal Cave Adventure (by Crowther alone), parsing his actual data file, warts and all.

Please help spread the word if you can. Our Kickstarter is at [size=150]http://backTidepool.com.[/size]
(the trailer there shows a little of Colossal Cave)

All players make “stories”, which are essentially interactive fiction works set in a 3D hand-drawn setting, though all works can also be played just with text.

Anyway, I thought people in this community may find this interesting, especially the natural language parser that makes coding easier.

Here’s a sample of the cognitive agent interface (waverly is the bot):

Some of the bits in the video remind me a lot of an engine I saw for a Gabriel Knight 3 sort of game. Can’t even remember the name anymore, it was never fully developed - it was a game maker, though, not a game.

Anyway! Best of luck!

Thanks Peter.

Using natural language to code sounds interesting - certainly it looks more free-form than existing natural language IF languages (granted I can only think of Inform 7 now but perhaps there are some I don’t know about). All the best!