Three extensions for testing or submitting

Hi there! I’m writing my first adventure of any size at the moment, and I wanted to share some of the custom stuff I’ve built into it. So, here’s three extensions that I’ll send to anyone who wants to test them out. Also, while the website is being redone where do I submit these?

Threaded Conversation Turbo
This is just a couple of little added options to change what suggested quips are listed. It adds commands to show every available unsaid quip, or to show literally every available quip in the current conversation.

Facts and Conclusions
This builds on some of the fact mechanics in Threaded Conversation and some of the mechanics in Epistemology to give a fully featured facts and thinking system. It allows facts to be delivered in or out of dialogue, thought about with a command, and associated with the same kinds of subjects that are used in Threaded Conversation. There’s some automation for all of this, too. In addition, facts (let’s call them clues) can be set as the children of other facts (the conclusion), such that when the player has collected all the clues, then they automatically receive the conclusion. That conclusion can itself be a clue, and the revelations will cascade for as many levels as you set.

This uses a similar mechanic as Facts and Conclusions to create a system of goals / mission objectives. They can be assigned or completed in or out of dialogue, and they can be put into tree structures like in Facts, so that one major goal has several sub-goals, and when all of the sub-goals are completed the main goal will automatically be completed. The goals’ statuses can be checked for the purposes of starting scenes and similar, and there is a command for the player which will show all their currently active and completed goals, with the option to change the goal’s description once completed.

I hope this will be useful to someone! I’ve tested them to some extent but they can always use more!

Threaded Conversation Turbo.i7x (5.8 KB)

Facts and Conclusions v1.1.i7x - updated with bugfix (19.8 KB)

Goals.i7x (10.4 KB)