Threaded Conversation - multiple quip-suggestion phrases?

I’m writing a game where you’re having a conversation, with a third party in your ear feeding you things to say. This is pretty standard for the Threaded Conversation system. However, I’d also like to include separate suggestions based on the thoughts of the player character. Something along these lines:

“I think you should either ask X or say Y.”

(Or I could say Z.)

I’m using Chris Conley’s version of Threaded Conversation. A system like the one above would require at least second quip-suggestion phrase, and a way to filter between quips suggested by the other person and those thought of by the player character.

I tried to write my own rules to do this but they failed miserably, going entirely ignored by the system (I can put it in a reply if it’ll be useful to the discussion, but it was a fairly nasty hack anyway). I could do it manually using rules for listing plausible quips following specific quips, but so far that’s proving more complex than feels tenable. Anyone have any ideas for how to manage this?