Thoughts on SenseConnector as default?

I’ve been thinking about some designs in which the player can normally see and hear the contents of adjacent rooms, flipped from the usual situation where that’s the exception. I’m thinking it would be good for supporting more tactical interactions with NPCs. Is there a good way to go about making this the default (as opposed to manually adding SenseConnectors everywhere)? Like maybe you’d add sense stuff to RoomAutoConnector and to BasicDoor? Or maybe that would make something explode.

Hi, I am still a tenderfoot at TADS, so I don’t know how much help I’ll be. It seems like you could create a subclass of Room for what you’re trying to do, perhaps in conjunction with a PreInitObject that cycles through all of your subclassed rooms and builds SenseConnectors between any two of them that are adjacent by a travel direction?

Hadn’t thought of building those between rooms programmatically. I suppose it’s not actually any more trouble to use a subclass of Room than Room itself, since you explicitly say “Room” anyway.

Anybody know if there’s support for senses being blocked/unblocked as doors close and open?

I think there are probably several ways that could be done… have you read the sample source file on Sensibility? Looked into Occluders at all? RealNC could probably tell you the quickest easiest fix…

What sample source file is that? I’ve looked into occluders a bit… I suppose there’s no reason a door couldn’t be an occluder?

I’m trying to remember if I had to explicitly download it, or if it came along with some of the other resources when I first got my TADS compiler and all. There is a whole collection of sample source games by Mike Roberts and Eric Eve that target different classes/aspects of the adv3 library. One of them is on SenseConnectors and SensoryEvents etc. Have you been to

Ah, I think you’re talking about the sample games here. Thanks for the pointer, I’ll give the sample a read.

Yes, I think you’ve got it. Reading sample source was (still is) really helpful for me…