Thomas M. Disch's Amnesia Restored

(Somehow not mentioned here yet!)

There were many experiments in the mid-1980s and hoo boy was Amnesia one of them.

(Electronic Arts! Yes, that one! Published an adult-rated, all-text adventure game! In the latter half of the 1980s!)

It’s been remastered for convenience and diminished cruelty and is now playable online.


This looks like an amazing project.

Too bad I couldn’t READ BIBLE. (X BIBLE works though.)

Seriously though, I’m definitely bookmarking this for further study. I am most interested in the edited-out parts.

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There was a related book published in December of last year, too.

Total Amnesia: The Complete Text and Programming Notes of the World’s Most Famous Lost Computer Game , edited by Sarah Smith and published by Max Light Book

Although, as some of us have discussed elsewhere, calling it “the World’s Most Famous Lost Computer Game” is really stretching things a little!


Book title a reach for sure, although I’m hard-pressed to think of a tagline that sits at a better stable equilibrium of accuracy vs. marketing.

“…of a Very Weird Game For Everyone Involved To Have Made”
“…of a Windshield-Washing Simulator”
“…of a Game Lots Of Old People Heard Of, But None Loved”

All inferior.

Amnesia and Disch previously on @bitterkarella 's Midnight Pals:

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World’s Most Famous Lost Computer Game

There’s an amnesiac joke in there somewhere but I seem to have forgotten it.

-badaboem tching…I’ll be here all week folks…-


I mean, yeah, now that you put it that way, if they’d gone with

“The World’s Best Forgotten Computer Game”

that would have been a. a defensible bit of puffery and b. a suitable book title pun.

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