Third Set of 2012 IFComp Updates

The third set of updates is out. In a Manor of Speaking, Signos, and Sunday Afternoon have been updated.

Erm, sorry to bring this up again, but it would be best for “Living Will” to be available as a ZIP… all those subdirectories and stuff are really unfriendly for a download…

Sargent, does this mean the Comp games zip file gets updated with the changes as well?

From the post about the first set of updates:

So the zip file always has the originals.


Thanks. Sounds like I’ll just have to wait till the comp is over so I can get the updates. Hopefully there will be offline versions of the web-only games by then.

Apart from “Living Will”, there already are. [emote]:)[/emote] “Guilded Youth”, for instance, you can get right here: … ment-39284

Looks like I missed Sargent’s word on this. The files for Living Will are on the archive.

But, again, not as a “zip” file. They are as a set of files that have to be downloaded individually, then re-organised into the same directory structure. Would YOU download a game if you had to download every file individually and organise it yourself?

Especially when the author did provide a ZIP file to begin with.

While not as simple as a zip file, you can download a whole folder as one action by using ftp.

Hmmm, really? Ok… how would I go about doing that, then?

EDIT - … ivingwill/ This is as far as I think I can go… I don’t see any way of downloading the folder, though. Using Firefox, BTW.

With a FTP client (such as Filezilla) it’s straight forward. Firefox may not give you that option, but it’s not trying to be a full FTP client.

Ah. So it would involve me actually using another tool.

Compared to the ease of a simple ZIP file already provided by the author, I’m sure I can be forgiven for thinking it’s simply an unnecessary hassle.

Peter, if you haven’t gotten it yet, here’s a zipped copy of the game:

It won’t be there forever, though. Would the Archive maintainers accept it if I submit this?

EDIT: Sent a PM to DavidK re: upload.

I don’t know how I would have gotten it if it hadn’t been posted somewhere that it WAS available.

And now, snarky mode off: thank you very much, I am now very happy. [emote]:)[/emote]

Thanks to DavidK, the “Living Will” game files are now available in a zipfile. Anyone who wants to play the game offline should be able to do so. (No need for me to upload anything.)

I have removed the game from my Dropbox.

The FireFTP plugin for Firefox ( should allow download of an entire directory via FTP within Firefox.

Most interesting, thanks!