[They] [are] -past tense?


I am familiar with the form:

say "[The noun] [are] already used..."

… but how can we phrase something in the past tense using tokens? [Were] doesn’t seem to work.


You can change the tense of tokens by saying:

“now the story tense is past tense;”

Then it will work.

Note that changing the story tense will affect all verbs, everywhere. If you only want it in this case, you can specify the tense:

say "[They] [adapt the verb are in the past tense] here yesterday, but [they] [are] not here now."

If you end up using this a lot, you can make a new substitution.

To say were: say adapt the verb are in the past tense. ... say "[They] [were] here..."

Yes, Draconis, this is what I was looking for!

Craiglocke, what you suggest looks a bit scary! :slight_smile: