Theatre hint please?

IAllthough I normally adhere to very story-oriented IF, once in a while I crack my brain with an oldschool puzzlefest. I’m playing “Theatre” now, and I’ve actually made good progress with only the in-game hints and one sideways glance at a walkthrough. Now I am stuck though:

- It’s obvious to use some sort of light source to vanquish the shadow to the east of the Orchestra Pit. A little birdie even suggested that it might be a camera (flash?). I have no idea where to find this light source however.


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The camera is in a difficult location to find.
General area

Have you thoroughly explored the lobby and balcony areas?

Heavy hint

Have you examined the large painting?

Explicit solution:

You can open the door of the painting


Thank you for the response, and double thanks for hinting on varying levels of explicitness.