The Zork source code is good for learning, is there others?

I printed out the Zork code that had been adapted for Inform 7. It must be a challenge to take an old game and convert it into Inform 7 code. I find it useful to refer to as I am converting an old adventure (not as complex as Zork) into Inform 7 code. As I learn more about Inform 7 I hope to enhance the converted text adventure.
I was wondering if there are other Infocom adventures that have the Inform 7 source code that I can print out. Can someone recommend the source code of an adventure that has been written in Inform 7. I know there are lots of examples in the manual for Inform 7 but I also like to study the source code for complete adventures.

I don’t know about Infocom games specifically. But there are lots of I7 games with the source code available.
Try this search over at IFDB:

And as an expansion-point to Felix’s groovy recommendation: you can sort them by release date, which is helpful since the code in some older games may include stuff that won’t work in the current version of I7 (fortunately, in this context, the current version has had a pretty long life, so there are lots of games from the last year or two to choose from).

On the Inform 7 website, Reliques of Tolti-Aph and Bronze are extensive games with nicely organized source texts to look at. Reliques, at least, has lots of commentary as well. (It’s atypical IF in that it has a lot of D&D-style combat, but it’s pretty cool to see how it’s implemented.)

Unfortunately they’re both written for very old versions of I7, now. Reliques’ source was published a bit before I7 was made publically available, and I’m not sure it has ever been compilable as published in a public version of I7. It’s possible to convert them (I’ve made a working copy of Reliques, for instance) but that’s probably a quagmire for a new learner.

Last year I finished a conversion of Crowther’s original, pre-Woods version of Adventure into I7, and one goal of that project was to produce a legible source for writers to learn from. I’ve been putting off releasing a new bug-fix version until the big new I7 release – this seemed like a more reasonable plan last year – but the version available in that thread still compiles in 6G60.