The Warbler's Nest now available on iOS

Howdy, y’all,

I’m pleased to announce that The Warbler’s Nest just went up for sale in the iOS App Store: … d536030627

This edition of the game is made possible by iOS Fizmo, the framework that Zarf initially released alongside his Dreamhold re-release last month, as mentioned here.

While this edition of the game has a 99-cent price tag on it, the late-2010 blorb-file release is staying put, as is its free online version. (I did fix a few very minor bugs and stylistic hangups for the iOS edition, but most of my polish-time went into making sure it interfaced correctly with the new framework.)

Thanks again to all who played, reviewed, and critiqued the game since its first release, two IFComps ago!

Woo! Also, I am glad to see that iOS-Fizmo is usable by other people, even when I’m too busy to help much or (cough) even write any documentation.

How much would it cost a retard like me who just can’t get beyond coding in Inform7 to have a game converted for iOs? :slight_smile:

Ya know, I don’t have an answer to that question.

I think my answer is “you can’t afford my hourly rate, and anyhow shouldn’t I be working on HL now?” Other iOS programmers should speak up, though.

I will write up some documentation, but not until next week – I’m off at a conference.

Highly improbable.

Now, THAT sounds promising :slight_smile:

It is true, I should name a price rather than faffing around with generalities. But I feel like I don’t want to get into that business (publishing other people’s games) at all. So, um, I guess I won’t.

I’ll try and use the cheatsheets when they come up. No hurry, really.

What’s HL anyway (probably noob question, but I can’t figure out).

Hadean Lands, the game that zarf Kickstarted and is presently working on (and the immediate reason why he’s building iOS tools).

Nice one, bought it to support :slight_smile: Haven’t played the original release so I’ll give it a try too! Cheers