The ultimate not numbered New Year's Speed IF

I’ve heard that one minor IF event or the other is just over, so it’s time to announce:


(Yes, I do realize it has become more of a Minicomp. Deal with it.)

For those unfamiliar with this, the motivation behind it is to offer people a chance at writing a small work of IF at the end of the year. Traditionally, the rules have been very loosely defined. This year, we shun our humble Speed-IF origins even more and offer these two variants:

  1. Take an example, any example from the I7 Documentation and expand it into a fullblown game. This has Emily’s explicit permission. (The idea was proposed by Juhana Leinonen).

  2. Write whatever game you like, in any system you like. (Take note of the CF announcement below).

Any approach that lies between the two is also okay.

If you’re thinking “So am I allowed to…” the answer is „yes“.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, Juhana has also updated his IF Name Generator which can be found here :

Start planning and coding no sooner than December 1st.

Games should be submitted to by 23:59 GMT+1, Jan 1st 2013. Extended to January 3rd!

The games will be played on Clubfloyd on January 6th (Thanks, Jacq!) So, if you want your game to be CF compatible, choose your format accordingly.

Thank you and , most importantly, have fun!

I take it that this should be Jan 1st 2013? [emote]:lol:[/emote]

I guess that’s what you get for copy and pasting your own text. Thanks, Finn, corrected.

Hoho, there are so many possibilities here. I’m thinking Transmutations with 10x more items and puzzles, but I might Change My Mind.

I bags Stately Gardens.

(I already made three changes to Revenge of the Fussy Table and posted it online, but that doesn’t count.)

Also, I know last year was penultimate, and this year is ultimate, does this mean that next year there won’t be a New Years Speed IF?

I bet it will be post-ultimate.

Ultimate not numbered means the next one will be either numbered or called I WAS JUST KIDDING SPEED IF.

I briefly entertained hopes of an NPC-heavy romance plot corresponding to an I7 example, a name-generator title and the mechanics of indie RPG Shooting the Moon, but have now resorted to something based on a very tiny example, ridiculously expanded.

I was strongly tempted to make a game based on three examples drawn at random; but then I drew 184, 246 and 415, and now I’m somewhat less tempted.

Seems pretty natural – in the course of a mountain climb, you want to break down the reserve of your prospective sweetie* by acting out imaginative pantomimes which your respective robots will repeat for you. It’ll be just like Questionable Content.

*I’m not clear whether the rules mean that she has to be a nun, but if so, fine she’s a nun.

Neat idea! I’ve often found myself thinking about those scenarios, dreaming up ways that the stories might go.

Well, there’s always Spring Thing…

You must infiltrate the secret cloister of kung fu nuns atop Mt. Rainier. To win the game, some concerted misbehaviour will be necessary. Of course, misbehaviour is forbidden within the cloister, but luckily robots are exempt from the rules (since they lack free will, they are not held accountable), so the main puzzles revolve around programming a robot to cooperate on the mischief.

Anyone up for a full implementation of Xerxes?

Just to let you know, I’m thinking of trying to actually sit down and make a little short piece I’ve been thinking about before but which I haven’t started coding. It’s not based off of an example or inspired by the IF name generator (except perhaps subconsciously).

This isn’t out of place, is it? I get the feeling everybody else is going with expanding examples.

No, that’s perfectly fine. I’m organizing, and I’ll do exactly that.

Tempted by this mix-and-match minicomp myself. About time I wrote something new. That IF Name Generator is great - not sure I’ll use these though:

Conan Kill Douglas Adams
Transylvania III: Vanquish the F*cker

You want the IF Comp Predictions thread.

500k words, eh? Wow, every month could be a NaNoWriMo. And someone could have an early entry for next year’s SpeedIF!

Note that the 25th Ludum Dare gamemaking competition is this weekend. The rules are that you make a game in 48 hours, starting Friday evening (in the States, at least), all by yourself. (There is a relaxed “Jam” version that allows an extra day and any number of teammates.) So you could make a game that does dual-duty as an LD entry and a Speed IF entry, if you like. [emote]:)[/emote]

I’m not sure whether I’m going to finish for the speedIF, but if anybody wants to do Ludum Dare as a jam and needs… either a writer or a not-very-fancy I7 coder, probably not both… I’d be up for that.