The type macro

So, SugarCube v2.33.1 has been published and it features a new macro for the typing effect, witch I intent to use in my games. I tested, and it seems to work better than the other options (it’s faster and with easy skipping option). My question is this: how exactly is this different than other typing effects? Any tips on how to use it? More examples for the optional functions? Any limitations or problems that you know of?

Oh, is there a way to make the effect automatically work for every passage?

The only issue I know of is a bug in the current release where navigating away while a <<type>> instance is actively typing can cause an error to be thrown. That’s been fixed in the repo and will be in the next release—it’s been held up due to health issues.

Limitation wise. <<type>> instances chain together in sequence, so you cannot have more than one typing at a time.

The macro should work on every passage by default.

No, I mean, is there a way to make all the text in the whole story appear with the typing effect without using the macro in each passage?

Not with <<type>> itself and not easily, no.