The Twin competition (Adrift)

The Twin Competition is hereby officially open.!

The competition is for all users of Adrift… registered as well as well as non-registered.
There are two prizes…
For non-registered users the prize is a free registry, paid for by me…

For registered users … £ 10 or the equivalent in $ (how they are being paid is still under consideration… but they will be paid! )

There are no restrictions for the non registered members. Create your game as you wish as long as it is within the rules of the comp.

For the registered and therefore (hopefully) more experienced members the restrictions are a little different…
Their game has to have at least two endings with a clear difference… for instance a happy and a sad ending.
At least 5 rooms, 10 objects and just for the hell of it, 2 events.

The competition runs from now and till September 30th 11:59pm GMT.

Rules for the competition
What you want to serve as or how you’re going to do it is up to you…

  • You can use either: Adrift Version 4.0 , Adrift Version 3.90 or even Adrift Version 5.0 (If you dare )
  • All entries must be accompanied by a walk through (if not the author must be prepared to supply one on request). It can be a simple transcript from the runner. This must give the text that will allow a player to complete the game, from beginning to end, following the details given.
  • File sizes are unlimited (within the restrictions of the shareware version of course for non-registered “Drifters”)
  • Games may be pass worded, but the organizer prefers them not to be so that others can learn from the techniques used.
  • Games must not contain content of an offensive adult nature.
  • Naturally enough the games should be a completely original work, although parody is allowed.
  • No more than two entries will be accepted from each contributor.
  • At least three (3) different people in each category must enter or the competition for that category is void.

All entries should be sent to me at by no later than 11:59pm GMT Wednesday 30st of September

The games will be added to the Adrift adventure page and a poll will take place after the deadline which has not yet been decided… (depending on the number of entires) the winner will be announced…
Good luck to everyone.