The Trials of Rosalinda hints thread

I thought I’d start a hint thread for this.
I love this game so far as I do most of Agnieszka Trzaska’s. but I’m stuck.
Question in spoiler tag…

I’m in the part where you’re in the coach being pursued by the Light’s Chosen after knocking the knight off his horse, and I can’t seem to do anything to shake them off. Rosalinda has a flaming club thanks to Piecrust’s fire arrow spell, but using it on the pursuers does nothing. I’ve also tried combining it with one of Rosalinda’s arms. using Firecrust’s fire, rust or water spells on the pursuers directly has no effect either.
I must be missing something obvious but don’t kno what it is.

Any help appreciated.

Huh, I didn’t know you could do that (get a flaming club for Rosalinda)! Couple hints in increasing level of spoileriness:

Direct violence isn’t really how Rosalinda or Piecrust roll, is it?

Maybe instead of trying to hurt them, you could slow them down?

And instead of targeting them directly, go for something more indirect?

Fire, meanwhile, is a very aggressive element; something else might work better.

Solution next:

Have Piecrust cast water jet on the road.

I actually got past that. I probably had some Mega Man in mind when I did that (not suprisingly), and I also got further than in Bones, but I’m still terrible at writing IF itself. And it’s still all my fault. I didn’t realize what I was getting into when I came here.


Hints for the second pair of guards in the forest? I have the tincture.

Increasingly spoilery hints:

The tincture isn’t useful for this particular challenge.

If you just run through all the basic options that present themselves when you’re at the guards’ location, you should hit on a plan that almost works.

If you try to walk towards them as Rosalinda, she’ll pretend to be one of the first pair of guards; she can’t quite pull off the ruse, though, huh?

Seems like if you had a partner along, this would work better. Anyone come to mind?


Go back and talk to Oswald; you should be able to ask him to meet you by where the guards are (you’ll need to get him a weapon and a light source first, but those are pretty straightforward problems to solve).

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Oh, right, it’s the light that I’m having a problem with. I thought that would come in later after getting rid of the guards for some reason.

I assume that Piecrust’s rust spell would be useful but I haven’t got him back yet.

I’ll have to try some more… feel free to drop more hints though.

Yup, you’re on the right track there! It shouldn’t be too hard to track him down.

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I think I’ve exhausted everything. I assumed he’s in the carriage, or maybe had run to hide in the tree stump hole or the elephant statue … but nothing.

Looked everywhere else too. Do I need to use something?

I think he’s in a tree hollow just east of where the carriage crashed? You shouldn’t need to do anything except enter it and talk to him, as I recall (I believe that’s different from the tree stump hole, which has an item in it).

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Aha! I completely failed to go there because I was cycling through the travel options. Thanks a million.

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Now I’m having some trouble waking him up. Sorry to have you hold my hand.

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I don’t remember the details but I don’t think it was very complex – just try talking to him, there should be an option to just gently try to bring him out of his fugue state?

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Oh, I forgot to put my head back on. Both in-game and figuratively. Only in IF…

Yep, now I can talk again.


Ok, now I’m trying to give the tincture to the fish.

The sudden explosion in item count and location combinations definitely gives this game a difficulty spike.

I get the feeling I’m close to the end so probably won’t need too much more…

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There’s actually a fair bit left, but yeah, you just unlocked a bunch of new stuff!

You can’t give the tincture to the fish directly, but you’re barking up the right tree…

Is there anything else you’ve found that the fish might like?

Sometimes a red herring isn’t a red herring at all.

If that last clue didn’t make sense, make sure you thoroughly explore the new areas you’ve uncovered – you might need to be Piecrust to find the item I’m talking about.


East of the fortress’s main entrance, you should be able to find a storage area with a bunch of smoked herring hidden in a barrel. Combine one of the herrings with the tincture, then give it to the catfish.

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I tried to talk poor Piecrust into being the bait, but he didn’t do it. That should work better. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh no! Good thing Piecrust is no dummy lol


Ah, thanks a lot… that did it. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that as I tried pretty much everything else. :slight_smile:

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I’m stuck again.

I have Captain Lydia and Piecrust standing on one of the pressure plates in the Chamber of trials, but I need something heavy for Rosalinda to increase her weight before she can activate the other one. The only thing I can think of is the stones by the lake, but she can’t move anywhere while carrying one, unless there’s something she can push the stone in.

Increasingly spoilery hints:

There is something heavy in the Chamber of Trials.

If you remember how that thing was earlier, you could return it to its former state.

The construct, before it was destroyed, was controlled by something imbued with magic that was smashed. Try to fix it.

Solution step 1:

Use Rosalinda’s skull from the inventory on the construct’s remains.

Once the skull is on the construct, you’ll need something else to make it move - perhaps some ancient magic?

Solution step 2:

Cast Activate Mechanism with Piecrust on the construct with Rosalinda’s skull.

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